Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan represent the most anti-senior ticket in our nation’s history. 

Their ticket and the Romney/Ryan Budget pose unprecedented threats to all Iowans, particularly Iowa seniors. We are calling on Iowa’s Congressional delegation to reject the Romney/Ryan Budget, and protect the programs that benefit our seniors.

Will you join us today and sign our petition to Protect Iowa Seniors?

Here are just a few examples of the disastrous impact of the Romney/Ryan Budget:

  • Ends Medicare as we know it for more than 500,000 Iowans
  • Throws more than 60,000 seniors back in the prescription drug “donut hole”
  • Forces more than 400,000 Iowa seniors to pay for preventive health services

Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security have been the foundation of health care and economic security for Iowa seniors. We have been fighting to preserve and strengthen these programs for decades. With the passage of Obamacare, we have secured that foundation and made significant progress.

The Romney/Ryan Budget is threatening to turn back the progress we fought for. Join us today and tell our Members of Congress to Protect Iowa Seniors!

To help cut through the political rhetoric about Obamacare, here are a few of the facts:

  • Since its passage, Iowa seniors have saved more than $32 million on prescription drugs
  • Because of Obamacare, More than 400,000 Iowa seniors have received free preventive care
  • The solvency of the Medicare Trust Fund is extended by reducing overpayments to insurance companies and cracking down on waste, fraud and abuse

We have fought too hard to let our progress be reversed. Join us today and call on Iowa’s delegation to say YES to preserving Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and Obamacare, and say NO to the disastrous Romney/Ryan Budget.

We can’t do this without your help — tell our Members of Congress to Protect Iowa Seniors!

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